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North Harris County Water Bills are increasing

NHCRWA, North Harris County Regional Water Authority

NHCRWA , Who and What is it that they do.

North Harris County Regional Water Authority is a government agency created by the Texas legislature to assist in converting the region to be part of the Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP).

To do this, the NHCRWA is responsible for constructing and operate a water delivery system to deliver Surface Water ( from Lakes ) to replace well water systems most MUDs currently use.  The goal is to reduce the amount of Groundwater usage to NO More than 20% by 2035.

The NHCRWA is not a taxing authority so funding is from sale of bonds and paid for by revenue from Groundwater pumping fees and water sales.

Your local MUD will affect your Home Budget in two ways – 1. They will bill you for Water and Sewage fees and 2. You pay a Yearly MUD tax

These MUD and UD Tax rates are typically from $ .28 to $ 1.48 per $100 valuation of your home. Sample Cost for homes at $300,000 and $600,000 valuations are below. You will see a big difference how a low rate compared to the High rates.

  • $300,000 home /100 = 3,300  x $ .28   =  $840     per year / $70 per month
  • $300,000 home /100 = 3,300  x $ 1.49 =  $4,470 per year / $372 per month
  • $600,000 home / 100 = 6,000 x $ .28 =    $1,680  per year / $140 per month
  • $600,000 home / 100 = 6,000 x $ 1.49 =  $8,940 per year / $745 per month

Current NHCRWA Rates are ( 2023)

  • Groundwater –             $4.10 per 1,000 gallons of water
  • Surface water –           $4.55 per 1,000 gallons of water
  • some utility districts, MUDS may modify fees to cover other maintenance costs so your rates may be higher

As a general estimate, a typical family of 4 uses approximately 12,000 gallons per month.  The added cost of the NHCRWA would be about $55.00 per month.

Unfortunately water bills have become much higher and homeowners will probably see more increases in their water usage fees as well as future increases in the NHCRWA fees. I do not see any reduction in these costs other than the MUD tax to be lowered.  Getting involved in your MUD may help to prevent the MUD boards from adding in other improvement cost that keep the MUD tax at higher rates.  MUD taxes used to reduce over time, but these reductions are getting further and far between.

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